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Lets just skip this season and rewatch Carnivale, k?


Lets just skip this season and rewatch Carnivale, k?

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Libraries are radical.

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a little love story about mermaids and tattoos

I like her teeth.

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Gorgeous reclaimed wood countertop! Serious love affair!

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Barbara Kruger

I had this postcard in my locker in 7th grade.


Barbara Kruger

I had this postcard in my locker in 7th grade.

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Some items offered in the Scrapcraft Witchery Storenvy shop. Seeds, self care candle, Mercury Retrograde Protection oil so far.  I’m going to add some herb bundles for burning, herbs from the yard once I get them harvested and dried (lemonbalm, mint, mugwort, comfrey, rosemary, maybe some wormwood) some rowan berries by the ounce, and some pinback button pressed herbal charms. I plan to  re-purpose some thrift store finds and destash some craft supplies and also post some wild crafted things I find. It’s a slow growing process and I’ll tend it like a garden.

I’ve been running mail orders in other capacities for over 15 years but this is a bit of said business that I’m really excited to get working on.

The mercury retrograde protection oil is *spectacular* you should get about 8 gallons!

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Taffy Butt.

Taffy Butt.

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The first thing Ripley does after she thinks she’s successfully destroyed the xenomorph: DECLARE A NO PANTS ZONE.

No Pants Warrior Princess

Pants are for suckers!

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I may have taught this spider to knit. 
I was finishing the last 20 rows at the park, when this little spider wandered over to me, It climbed up my knitting bag, and walked all up and down the piece, then climbed onto my hand and watched me for a couple rows. 
After the second row it started waving it’s front four legs as if to get my attention. Once I was looking at it, it started pulling silk from its spinneret, and fiddling with it. I don’t know if it was knitting or purling as it was quite small scale, but every few seconds it would stop and look up at me to see if I was still watching. After a little bit I moved it to one of the vines overhanging the archway I was sitting in, and it went about its business.
This wasn’t the only unusual thing that happened at the park today, but it was the most unusual.

Maybe it thought you were a spider

I’m gonna level with you that’s the fucking cutest shit I have ever fucking heard of okay I want a little spider that knits not sits menacingly above my bed at night threatening to fall into my mouth.

It’s like that seal that kept bringing the photographer penguins to eat bc she thought he was bad at being a seal.

"No no, you have to take the thread out of your BUTT! Watch again."

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Low Femme (2014)


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These are so lovely.

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Omg. Kitchen witchy pizza punks!



What? Like, you have a new moon ritual where you make the dough and each person brings an ingredient that corresponds to a specific goal. You could all make a self-care pizza and eat it in the kitchen dancing to music together.

sign me up!

You could make a protection from the cops pizza to eat before a demonstration or protest topped with garlic, cayenne, basil, and fake bacon!

New new moon ritual omg. Who’s coming over? Drizzle Sigils of oil on each slice, make them out of a sprinkled herb mix, write them out in olives…

Do them on the grill with rosemary boughs or sage burning underneath.

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God, Tina. Don’t be such a boob punch.

God, Tina. Don’t be such a boob punch.

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A picture of Sadie’s guitar cab that Jenna (morningriser) took on the last Crabapple tour. The first time I saw this cab I fell in love and I haven’t stopped thinking about these words since then.


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